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Camping is Fun: Get the Right Gear

2 Tips For Finding The Most Comfortable Bike Seat

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If you are avid cyclist, or if you are just getting into cycling, you are going to want to have a comfortable seat to sit on. This is going to make all of the difference in the world when it comes to how much you enjoy your cycling experience. If you feel comfortable while cycling, you are not only going to be able to focus on your surroundings and improving your cycling speed, but it will also allow you to ride for longer periods at a time. This article will discuss 2 tips for finding the most comfortable bike seat.  Find A Seat With The Proper Cushioning  The cushioning in your bike seat is going to make a big difference in how comfortable your bike seat feels for you. There are three types of cushioning generally put into bike seats that include: gel, foam, or a saddle pad. The gel is great because it is going to form to your when you sit on it, thus creating a comfortable seat for you to sit on. Foam is going to be much like gel in forming to your body, but it is going to bounce back and regain its shape better than many gel seats are going to. You can also choose between foam that ranges from extra soft to extra firm, depending on how much you weigh, what style of riding you are doing, etc. A saddle pad is a pad that you actually place on top of the gel or foam saddle. This is going to provide even more padding if you feel that you need it, and can be put on or removed at any time, making it easy to use.  Don’t Be Afraid To Test Them Out  You may have heard nothing but great things about a certain bike seat, and it may sound like the perfect bike seat when you read about it, but the only way to know for sure if it is going to be a good fit for you is to actually try the bike seat out for yourself. Find a local bike shop that has this seat in stock, and test it out. See if it feels good when you initially sit on it and if it still feels good after a few minutes. If you feel that you will really like it, then you should purchase it, but ensure that you can return it if you find that it doesn’t work out for you on longer bike...

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4 Outdoor Sports That You Should Consider

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Do you enjoy spending time outdoors and want to find a good sport to begin as a hobby? If you are having a difficult time deciding on which outdoor sport to venture into, you might want to watch a few videos online. Some of the sports are more strenuous than others, so you should base your decision on how willing you are to obtain the necessary skills. 1. Various Types of Climbing Climbing is one of the most strenuous outdoor sports that you can get into. If you are up for a big challenge, climbing is the right outdoor hobby for you. There are several different surfaces that you can climb on depending on where you want to take part in the sport. For instance, if you don’t mind being in a cold environment, ice climbing is something to consider. Rock climbing is also a nice outdoor sport to consider, as you can visit rocking climbing venues to work on your skills before climbing real rocks. 2. Challenge the Waves by Surfing If you are a water fanatic, you might enjoy the sport of surfing the waves. The great thing about surfing is that you will also have the opportunity to invest in beautiful surfboards, which can become a hobby by itself. Surfing is a great way to improve your balance, as you can’t be successful in the sport without it. A surf instructor can teach you some of the basic skills if you are a beginner. You can also watch videos online to watch professionals surf and try to pick up some of their techniques. 3. Learn to Cycle Over a Long Distance Cycling is a great outdoor sport that does not involve strenuous activity. You might actually find that the sport is a great way to relax your mind after a stressful day. As you are riding the bike, you will also be improving the muscle strength in your legs, which is a fun way to get in shape. You can begin by cycling over a short distance, but move on to long distance cycling as you get used to the sport. 4. Enjoy Colder Regions by Skiing Skiing is a fun and challenging outdoor sport to get into. You will also be able to hike as a skier, such as to get to the top of mountains in order to ski down them. Skiing can exercise your arms, legs, and other areas of your body. Watch videos online so you can find an outdoor sport that peeks your...

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How To Store And Display Barrel Racing Saddle Trophies

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Barrel racers work hard to earn their accomplishments. From raising and training horses to practicing and competing in numerous shows to earn points toward a championship, this sport takes nearly every spare waking moment of a barrel racer’s day. As a result, it is important for each barrel racer to ensure they appropriately preserve, store and display their hard-earned trophies and awards. Trophies and plaques made of wood or metal can be stored and displayed on shelves inside a barrel racer’s home or in the office in the barn. But barrel racing saddle trophies are typically not used for riding except in the event of a very special show or other occasion. These awards have a few more considerations that must be made to preserve them from decay and damage by the elements. Clean and Treat It is important for each barrel racer to properly clean and treat the leather on their riding saddles that they have won as awards for their hard work and sportsmanship. Saddle soap should be used to clean a saddle’s leather a few times a year to keep it soft and avoid cracking. A leather protectant should be applied to the saddle after conditioning and cleaning with saddle soap. This conditioner will protect the leather and keep it from cracking or decaying from heat, sun and dust particles in the air. Proper Storage A barrel racing saddle trophy should not be thrown on a saddle rack in the barn with a barrel rider’s everyday saddles. These special saddles should be displayed on a special saddle rack in a barn office or somewhere in the rider’s home. Mice are attracted to yummy leather, so it is important to keep mice and bugs at bay. If possible, a glass case should be purchased that is big enough to hold the saddle to keep dust, dirt, and rodents away from the saddle.  Protection From the Elements A saddle should never be kept in direct sunlight; this can cause the leather to fade, dry, crack and decay. The saddle should also be protected from dust and dirt. However, it is not necessary to protect the saddle from handling by human hands. The natural oils in human skin can actually help the saddle by moisturizing it and keeping the leather soft and supple. No sharp tools should be used around the saddle, but normal handling is beneficial to the saddle and should be encouraged. For more information and assistance with maintenance, it may be a good idea to talk with companies who make and sell barrel racing saddle trophies, such as Maverick Saddles...

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Essential Items To Pack On A Guided Fishing Tour

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When you fish in the bodies of water around your home, you likely know exactly what you need to take with you. When you step into the world of guided fishing tours, however, it’s important to reassess your gear and add some extra things to your tackle box. When you hire a guide for a fishing tour, you’ll often be visiting a new body of water and may also be trying to catch different types of fish than you’re accustomed to. Here are some essential items that you should make sure to pack to make it a memorable day on the water. Anti-Nausea Medication If you’ll be fishing on the ocean or on a larger body of water than you’re used to, you may end up feeling a little seasick. This won’t be a concern if you’ve made sure to pack some anti-nausea medication with you. There are a number of such products readily available at your local pharmacy, including pills and patches that you apply to your skin. These will quickly help the nausea melt away, which will allow you to continue to enjoy the fishing tour. The last thing you want is to spend the entire outing feeling ill. Fillet Knife On your usual fishing outings, you may primarily catch and release the fish. However, when you book a tour and expect that you’ll be catching bigger fish, you may want to eat them. Depending on the situation, you might want to fillet the fish on the spot and eat them on a grill or a campfire — or perhaps you’d rather take the fillets home and enjoy them with your family. In either case, you’ll want to make sure that you’re carrying a fillet knife so you can properly gut, fillet, and store the fish until you’re ready to eat it. This item can sit in the bottom of your tackle box or be worn on your belt. Waterproof Camera Many fishing enthusiasts use their smartphone camera to catch key moments throughout the day, but it’s never the best idea to have this valuable piece of electronics so close to the water. A better solution is to buy a waterproof camera. It will be resistant to splashes and the spray from the waves won’t cause problems either. You want to be sure to get photographic proof when you catch a big fish.  If you’re planning on taking a guided fishing tour, talk to a guide like those at Native Charters to find out what other gear might be useful on your...

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Use These Tips To Maximize Your Whale Watching Tour Experience

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Getting a chance to board a boat, cruise into the ocean and spot some whales in their natural habitat is one of the most breathtaking experiences you can have, especially if you’re passionate about seeing these majestic creatures. While your expedition leaders will go over a number of tips for you to keep in mind from the time you get on board, it’s important to take steps to make the most of this experience — which might be something you do only once or twice in your lifetime. Here are some simple things to learn in advance that can help you get the most out of the whale watching tour. Don’t Spend The Whole Time Looking Through Your Camera Sure, you’ll want to capture some images of the whales during your tour, but you can miss out on the overall experience by essentially watching it through your camera viewfinder. Make sure that you take the time to put the camera down, take a deep breath of sea air and simply enjoy the view with your own eyes. Many tour businesses sell professional photos and DVDs of the whales seen on past tours, so it’s worthwhile to think about buying something at the gift shop after your tour. You don’t want to get back to shore and lament that you wish you’d spent more time actually looking at the whales instead of trying to capture the perfect shot. Keep Seasickness At Bay Depending on the calmness of the ocean, your ride could be mostly smooth or quite bumpy. You don’t want to miss seeing the whales because you’re seasick, so use a variety of simple strategies to stave off nausea. You can buy an anti-nausea patch at the pharmacy, which can help you through the experience. Additionally, eat lightly before the tour so that your stomach isn’t full. It can also be useful to stand toward the aft of the boat, as it’s not as bouncy as the bow. Pack Some Travel Essentials Being prepared will help you enjoy your experience more, so make sure that you have a change of clothes to keep you warm on a windy, wet day, and some sunblock to protect your skin when it’s hot and sunny. Sunglasses will improve your ability to see with ease — remember, there’s no shade out in the ocean. It’s also never a bad idea to pack some form of entertainment, whether it’s a book or your MP3 player, because the boat might travel for an hour or more to reach the area in which the whales are present. Now that you know a few tips, schedule a whale tour with a company like Orca Enterprises...

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Business Ideas For People Who Hate Working Indoors

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Are you short on cash? Are you tired of your stuffy office job? While some people do perfectly well in an indoor environment, other people would vastly prefer to be outside. If this sounds like you and you want to be able to smell the fresh air and feel the sun on your face, maybe it’s time that you started your own business to allow you to do just that. Here are some ideas that you might be able to do on the weekends, allowing you to keep your normal job until you build up enough income as an outdoor entrepreneur: Tour guide: If your city has a historical district, become an outdoor entrepreneur by starting your own walking tour group. Head to your local library to read up on local history and legends, making a list of the most interesting places to visit. If there are already walking tours in your city, go on one or two of them so that you can learn what sights they show to tourists. You should then try to make your tour different, going to places that are new and different. For example, you may want to consider starting off by offering a walking tour of the oldest cemetery in town. Buried within, you’re almost sure to find many of the interesting historical figures you read about when researching at the library. Boating group leader: In some areas of the country, this would mean white water rafting. In other areas of the country, you may take your customers down the river in an ordinary jon boat or similar watercraft. It could even mean taking an inner tube down the river. As an outdoor entrepreneur, you’ll need to invest in the watercraft that you’ll be using. Once you choose a river, you’ll also want to find out which areas of the shore are home to what wildlife. If your tourists are from out of state, they’ll probably be interested in birds and animals that you think are ordinary or boring. If your local river is calm, you may even choose to advertise your boating tour as a bird watching tour during the spring to attract more customers. Campsite cleaner: If you live near a busy campground, another way you could be an outdoor entrepreneur is to offer to clean campsites for people. While campgrounds have policies that state that campers must clean their campsite before leaving, this isn’t a job that many people are fond of. If you offer your services as a cleaning person, you may be able to ask $20-50 from campers to make sure that the site is neat and tidy for the next person who wants to use it. Investment costs for this should be minimal, mainly rubber gloves, a trash container with a handle, and a telescoping grabbing stick or trash...

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A Few Reasons To Consider A Military Surplus Vehicle For Your Business

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No matter what type of truck you need for your business, you should consider buying a military surplus vehicle. You can purchase a small jeep to transport people to and from different locations, or go with a larger, 2.5[-] or even 5-ton truck to handle your distribution route. Before you head to a dealer to purchase a company truck, contact a military base to find out when the next auction is or if there are vehicles available without an auction. Here are a few benefits you will enjoy when you do. Lower Prices Most surplus military vehicles are sold at auction. This means you can decide on how much you can afford and only bid to that price. In addition, you can often find buy a vehicle for a much lower price than what you had set as a budget. Luckily, if they all go for a higher price than what you had planned, you can always go to the next auction. Many places will have them monthly or even weekly. Well-maintained The military takes good care of their vehicles. They perform routine maintenance every time a vehicle is used, and the service records are kept up to date as required. Even though the vehicle might have more miles on it than you would like, you need to take the servicing into consideration. Any time there is a problem with it, it is handled immediately so there is no further damage. Do not think that these trucks have been misused or beaten up in a war zone. Anything that is sold as military surplus is simply being downsized or has a new model replacing it. Versatility Military trucks are used for transporting people and things, but they are also used as small offices or campers. When you go to the auction, you can choose one that has a shell on the back. Then, if you decide you do not need the shell, it can easily be removed and stored. Use the truck for refrigerated items by adding a cold shell or refrigeration unit. Of course, you could find a truck that is already equipped this way too. Although the trucks you can buy as military surplus have never been in a war zone, they are made to handle that type of environment. When you purchase one of these vehicles, you can be sure you are getting something that will last through whatever you put it through. Just make sure to keep up with maintenance and servicing. For more info, contact a military surplus company like Andy and...

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Learn How To Properly Prepare For Your First Duck Hunt

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Duck hunting can be a lot of fun, especially once you know what you are doing. If you have been invited on a duck hunting trip and do not know what to expect, it can be a bit nerve wracking. If you want to be sure that you are ready for your exciting adventure, use the following guide to learn everything you need to know about preparing for a duck hunt.  Get the Right Clothing The first thing you need to do is purchase the proper attire to wear when going duck hunting. You want to be sure that you have waterproof boots, waders, and waterproof pants for the hunt since many blinds, or cover devices, are set up in marshes or on the outskirts of marshes. You want to be sure to check the camo pattern of the clothing to ensure that it is designed to blend in with the marshes and not just with trees. Duck hunting camo has a pattern that looks like reeds, instead of limbs and leaves.  Get the Right Ammo  When you go duck hunting, you need bird shot ammo. The ammo has a shell that is filled with many tiny pellets. When you shoot a round, the outer shell breaks away and the pellets are dispersed far and wide. This betters your chances of hitting a bird while it is flying. Bird shot is available in different sizes, so be sure you choose the ammo that is designed for duck hunting. You can ask an associate at the store if you are not able to determine which ammo suits your needs.  Get the Right Gun You need to get a shotgun for shooting ducks. Many shotguns have quite a kick to them when you fire them, so you want to be sure that you purchase a limb saver to add to the end of the stock so that it can absorb some of the recoil that comes from the gun when you fire it. Get the Right Supplies When you go on a duck hunt, you need to have a pop-up blind. The blind folds up so that it can easily fit into a backpack and then pops open into a small tent that you can hide in while you are hunting. You also want to be sure that you have a good duck call to use during the hunt. The duck call allows you to call ducks near your blind so that you can have a better chance of shooting them.  Once you have all of your supplies packed, you will be ready to go on the hunt. Your friends should help you learn how to spot a great location for setting up your blind and help you learn when is the right time to shoot at the ducks. Take your time, listen to your friends’ advice, and enjoy yourself to ensure you are able to get as many ducks as you possibly can on your duck hunt.  Be aware that if you are going bear hunting or whitetail deer hunting, your preparations will likely differ from the preparations mentioned...

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Everything You Need To Know About Getting Licensed For Motorcycles

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A few more steps are involved in receiving a license for a motorcycle versus one for an automobile. You will need to display knowledge of how to safely and responsibly operate the two-wheel vehicle. Taking a road test to prove these skills may be required as well as taking a written test to indicate you understand all of the rules and laws. Step 1: The easiest way to learn what is required to obtain a motorcycle learner’s permit is to study the manual provided by the state where you live. A copy can be found on the Internet under the motor vehicle agency. Step 2: You will go to the Department of Motor Vehicle (DMV) in the state where you apply. You must reach the minimum age requirements and pay a specified application fee. You will receive a vision test and take the required test. Step 3: The state will require you drive on the learner’s permit for a specified amount of time. Some states have no required amount of time, but others require anywhere from 20 to 180 days. Check your state for age requirements, and this time limit. Step 4: After you have met the time requirements, go to the agency to apply and pay the required application fee. Check online for the application offered by some states. This will save time once you arrive at the DMV’s office. Step 5: Acquire a street-legal motorcycle for the test, in case you don’t own one. You should choose one with a low seat height because they are easier to balance. Step 6: You will need to provide valid registration and license plates, as well as verification of insurance. You must comply with these state laws before you can take the test. Step 7: Be sure to schedule a day for the test when the weather will be appropriate. Step 8: It is a good idea to visit the DMV lot at a time the office is closed. You can practice your skills without the added pressure. Step 9: It is time to take the written test. If you pass the test, it will be time to pay the required fee. If you are required to take a road test in your state, now is the time to take it.  Step 10: After passing the test you just have to take a picture for your new license. Owning and riding a motorcycle requires skill. If you have passed all the guidelines provided by your state, you should enjoy your motorcycle. Remain cautious of all drivers since not everyone is as careful as you. Visit a business, such as Kurtz Motorsports, Inc. for more information on motorcycle ownership....

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3 Things You Should Be Doing To Care For Your Boat

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If you own a boat, you know that it can be a wonderful way to enjoy the outdoors and spend time with those you love. But just like houses and cars, boats require a lot of maintenance. If you properly care for your boat you can save yourself a good deal of money in service and repair fees. Here are a couple things you should be doing to care for your boat. 1. Wash It After Every Use Each time you take the boat out you need to wash it. You shouldn’t wait till you get home, or till the next day to do it, do it right after you get off the water. This is especially true if you are boating in salt water. The dirt and salt from the water can damage your boat. It will eat through the metal, ruin the paint, and damage the exterior. This is why you should have soapy water ready to wash the boat after every use. Just taking a couple minutes to clean the boat each time will save you hundreds of dollars in repairs down the road. 2. Always Check The Propeller Before you go out on the water you should check your propeller. There is always a chance that debris, fishing line, and other objects could get stuck in the propeller. Powering on the boat with things in the propeller can damage it, and replacing a propeller is a major expense. In addition, you should be removing the propeller often to check that everything is in its right place and working properly. As a general rule when you clean the boat after each use, check the propeller and even remove it if needed to make sure everything is working properly. 3. Prepare Your Boat For The Changing Seasons Lastly, you should always make sure that you are properly preparing your boat for the changing seasons. If you live in a climate that experiences the different seasons then you need to winterize your boat. This can be done by a professional and can save you thousands of dollars in repairs and service fees down the road. When it becomes warm again, make sure you are taking the proper steps to de-winterize the boat. The boat will need to have extra measures taken before it is ready to be used again. For more information, talk to a professional like B & E...

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