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Fun Things to do While Camping, Kids & Adults are sure to love them.

Today I will be talking about the fun things to do while camping. While camping with kids you want to make sure you have some activities for them to do or they will get bored really quick.

Make camping even more fun

Camping is a pretty fun thing to do in itself, but if you want to make camping even more fun you can come up with a bunch of activities to do instead of just sitting around. So before you get all your stuff together to start packing, sit down to come up with several different things to do that the kids and adults can do for some extra fun.

Water fun

There is several different activities to do if you are camping near a water source like a lake or a river. If you are camping near one of these water sources you can bet that your camping experience will never be dull.

Water Activities

  • Swimming
  • Water skiing
  • Fishing
  • Skipping rocks
  • Boating
  • Canoing
  • Kayaking
  • Jet skiing
  • Tubing
  • Water volleyball
  • Water football
  • Zorbing (a newer water activity)

If you are not camping near a water source you can still have fun playing with water.

  • Balloon fight
  • Water gun war
  • Bring a small inflatable pool
  • If you have a truck you can put a tarp in the bed of the truck and fill it with water.

Fun Activities for the Kids

Here are some things to do if you with the kids

  • Nature Scavenger Hunts
  • Glow in the dark ring toss
  • Camping Olympics
  • Football
  • Baseball
  • Soccer
  • Kickball
  • Hiking
  • Bike riding
  • Obstacle course
  • Duck duck goose
  • Bingo

Grownup Activities

It’s all find and dandy to make sure the kids are having fun while camping, but the grownups want some fun games and activities too.

  • Truth or dare: This is a classic game that can be played by all ages. One player asks another “Truth or Dare?” The asked player chooses whether they want to answer a truth question or complete a dare. If the asked player does not complete their truth or dare, they pay some sort of penalty – perhaps taking another drink, putting a dollar in a jar, and so on. There are many variations of this game to make it as clean or risqué as players would like.
  • Name that tune: This has variations, but having each person “sing” their song could be much more fun. One person sings or plays their song and then the rest of the group guesses based on what they’ve heard.
  • Would you rather: A classic game that gets everyone talking. Take turns asking “Would you rather…?” style questions. Example: Would you rather walk on broken glass or eat a piece of metal? The questions can be ridiculous or serious.
  • Never have I ever: Players start with 10 pennies. Players take turns stating, “Never have I ever (fill in the blank).” Anyone who has ever done that action gives a penny to that player. Whoever has the most pennies after a full round wins (or however many rounds you decide to play).


Drinking games

  • Kings Cup: Kings Cup is best enjoyed with a large number of people. Every time you pick a card, you have to do what the list below says. The more drunk, the better!

  • Never Have I Ever: Never Have I Ever is a great game to know your friends’ secrets! You have to share something that you have never done before and the people who have will take a sip of their drink. For example, when I say, “Never have I ever been arrested,” all those in the group who have been arrested will have a drink. The key here is to make your friends admit their embarrassing stories so watch out for what you say!
  • Life size Drinking Jenga: You have to try to pull one block from the pile with one hand without the pile falling over. Once you have pulled that block from the pile you have to read what it says out loud and then you have to do whatever it says, then you have to place the block on top of the pile again making sure you do not make the pile fall over. If you do make the pile fall over you have to chug your drink.
  • Flip Cup: Flip Cup is a good starter for a house party. There are two teams competing against each other. Both teams stand on opposite sides of the table and keep their cups with drinks at the edge. Everyone must finish their drink and flip the cup with there fingers to the upside-down position before the next member begins. First team to complete this wins.
  • Most Likely: The group sits in a circle and asks a ‘most likely’ question. For example, “Who would be most likely to fart in front of strangers?” After counting to three, everyone points at a person who they think are most likely to do so. The person who has the maximum number of fingers pointed at them, drinks as many drinks.

I hope this article gives you some awesome ideas for games and activities to do while you are on your camping trip. Feel free to leave any comments or questions below. Once have read them, I will reply back to you.





  1. RickBelden

    Our family loves to backpack and day hike but often we don’t plan out some fun things to do. Many times we are so wiped out from the hike that it’s everything we can do to get the tents set up, start the fire, filter more water and cook the evening meal.

    That brings me to a question or a statement. It looks like your activities are more for camping and not as much for backpacking. Do you have backpacking activities to recommend?

    • Fred Prasun

      Hello Rick,
      I know when backpacking you don’t want to have a lot of extra weight cause it will just slow you down.
      I have just a few ideas for you.
      -Learn a few card games so you can take a deck of cards with you.
      -You can take a collapsible fishing pole so you can go fishing.
      -Take a camera so you can do some photography.
      -You can do something they call Geocaching heres a link so you can read up on it.
      -You can also learn how to track different animals.

      I hope this helps.

  2. Wildflower

    Great post. I had no idea there were so many activities one could do on a camping trip. I suspect that the adults will spend a lot of time supervising but hopefully will have time left over for their own activities.

  3. Debbie K

    I have never gone camping but it is definitely on my bucket list. I will keep all these ideas in mind to use when we eventually get to do it.

    • Fred Prasun

      Camping is such a fun family activity. We go camping several times every summer. It’s good to have a bunch of fun things to do so the kids and even the adults don’t get bored. Thanks for your comment.


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