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Review for the Engel MT35 Portable Top-Opening AC/DC Fridge/Freezer—Keep things cold

Product: Engel MT35 Portable Top-Opening AC/DC Fridge/FreezerEngel MT35 Portable Top-Opening AC/DC Fridge/Freezer

Price: $874.99

Where to buy:

Size: 34 quart

Overall rating: 4.5 out of 5 stars

Warranty: 2 Year Limited Warranty – 1 Year for Commercial truck use

Today I will be doing a review on the Engel MT35 Portable Top-Opening AC/DC Fridge/Freezer. So sit back and relax as I tell you all about it. Have you ever gone on a long road trip and packed a regular cooler with drinks, snacks, sandwiches in baggies and don’t forget the ice? I am sure you have, along with a lot of other people on this wonderful planet. How about when it’s time to go in the cooler to grab a sandwich because someone in the car was hungry and when you go to get it, it’s a bag of mush because the ice melted? I know I have! Well not with the Engel MT35! 

The MT35 is built to keep your food fresh or frozen when you head off the grid or on a long road trip. All Engel fridge/freezers feature the Engel Swing Motor Compressor. Highly efficient, it typically draws around 1 to 2 Amps per hour, it’s about 40% less than a traditional compressor. Engel fridge/freezers run on battery power 12V/24V DC or 110V AC, so whether you’re on the road, on the water or safe at home, you can use your Engel to make life a little easier.

IncludedEngel MT35 Portable Top-Opening AC/DC Fridge/Freezer

  • Interior Wire Basket
  • Heavy Duty Removable Handles w/screws
  • AC/DC Cord 12/24V Plug


  • Variable Temperature Control
  • Automatic Voltage Selection Between AC and DC Power
  • AC/DC Compatible
  • 100% CFC-Free Compressor
  • Solar Compatible
  • Incline Operation up to 30 degrees off level
  • Vibration Resistant for Extreme Conditions
  • UL Approved
  • Will Operate 90 degrees Fahrenheit from Ambient Temperature 

Optional Accessories

  • Wireless Thermometer 
  • Transit Bag
  • Fuse
  • Hasp
  • Posi Fit
  • Ark Pak
  • TSL 530/540
  • DC Cord Hardwire
  • Hanging Wire Basket


  • External Shell: Galvanized Steel
  • Gas Type: HFC 134-A
  • Power Consumption: Variable from 0.7-2.5 Amps (12V)
  • Power Source: 12V/24V DC & 110V/120V AC
  • Internal Measurements: 15.4″L x 10.8″W x 12.4″H
  • External Measurements: 25.5″L x 14.3″W x 16″H this does not include handles
  • Weight: 60lbs.

So next time you want to go on a long road trip, don’t end up with mushy sandwiches. Don’t waste money on ice anymore, cause with the Engel MT35 Portable Top-Opening AC/DC Fridge/Freezer all you have to do is plug it into your cigarette lighter or a converter. So if you want to keep your food fresh and dry you need to get one of these Engel’s! If you have any questions or comments just let me know and I will get back to you as soon as possible. Thanks for reading!




  1. Priya Sahbarwal

    Hi Fred, This is amazing!
    I love travelling and most of the time go for long road trip but as you mentioned, I use to carry dry food packets and sandwiches with me. I never even thought of purchasing a portable fridge. Thanks for sharing the details and features about this product. I will definitely buy this once my budget allow me.

    • Fred Prasun

      Thanks for the comment. We too love to travel and we use to use a regular cooler. We just got of the mushy food and having to buy ice all the time. You are so welcome, this why I do what I do so I can give people information on things that make your life simpler on the road. If you ever have any questions or comments just let me know and I will get back to you as soon as possible. Thanks again!

  2. travel and treatz

    I never even knew these things existed! What will technology come up with next. It’s definitely a great idea

    • Fred Prasun

      Thanks for reading! Yeah it is pretty amazing what technology has come up with over the years. This is why I do what I do, to let people like yourself know about all the the different products out there. If you need me to answer any questions just let me know and I will get back to you. Thanks again!


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